A creative director once said, “You’re the only writer I’ve ever met who wants fewer words.” It’s true. The world is a busy place; my goal is to capture your attention, not overstay my welcome, and make the message linger.



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  • McGraw-Hill Education. More than 600 articles for six current events websites.
  • Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral. Wrote all copy for website redesign.
  • Corporate blog posts. Ghost-written (so I can't tell you who...)


  • Columbus Monthly. Regular contributor since 2015. Mostly profiles.
  • (614) Magazine. Regular contributor from 2009 to 2012. Mostly theater/film).


Campaigns, print ads, brochures, direct mail, in-store signage, trade show materials, newsletters, emails, presentations, social media posts. From large retailers (Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret) to small non-profits.


Published in the Louisville Review, Santa Clara Review, and Columbus Dispatch. Performed on stage at the Vanderelli Room.


Familiarity with various styles—AP, Chicago, APA, AMA. Proofed wide variety of materials—print ads, newsletters, emails, restaurant menus and promotional pieces.


Monologues, sketch comedy, and short plays performed around Columbus, Ohio. Recent full-length play made the finalist round of four national contests. 

Technical Writing

Recruited by Chase to write strategic policy and procedure changes that adhered to new federal banking regulations.

A Brief-ish History

Writing has always been a strength. Determined to pursue a "marketable skill," I began college as an advertising major but left with a theater degree, thus embarking on a lifetime of "taking the long way around." Out of school, I was always identified as "the writer," even as a customer service rep and an administrator. I wrote or edited correspondence, policies, and grant proposals. 

My first big break was at the COSI Design & Production Studio during the millennium relocation to the Riverfront. There, I wrote monologues, demonstration-style scripts, short stage plays, and voice-over scripts for Progress (the 1898/1962 street exhibit). My first assignment was creating copy for bathroom graphics; it remains among my proudest accomplishments.

Once COSI was up and running and the studio dissolved, I ventured out - Mary Poppins style - into a life as a full-time freelancer. While I was well suited to this lifestyle, I have grown rather fond of the comforts and security that comes with consistent, full-time employment. I am currently a senior copywriter for McGraw-Hill Education.



Catwoman, Dynamite Magazine, Gilda Radner, Wile E. Coyote, Paul Simon, Carol Burnett, the Oscars, Mary Richards, MTV, the Outsiders, Joan Rivers, Meryl Streep, Clarice Starling, Bonnie Raitt, Thelma & Louise, Talking Heads, CBS Sunday Morning, Mike Nichols, Vanity Fair, Merchant/Ivory, Jane Campion, Lisa Simpson, Angels in America, Bob Dylan, Barbara Kingsolver, Ang Lee, Aretha Franklin, Amelie, Gay Talese, Chrissie Hynde, Tina Fey, Peggy Olson, James Brown, Patti Smith, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, the Little Foxes.


My goal was not simply to do well, or hold my own. It was to make a mark.


Spinning inspiration from my creative space.

Spinning inspiration from my creative space.